DNA Wellness Report

The COMT gene is one of the most important genes in genomics. It helps break down many different types of neurotransmitters, like:

  • Dopamine – the “happiness hormone” responsible for motivation, learning and memory, increased focus and more
  • Norepinephrine – manages the body’s response to stress, important factor of the fight or flight response
  • Epinephrine – high levels of epinephrine can cause a weak immune system and heart problems
  • Estrogens – plays roles in sexual reproduction, brain health, cancer risk, and more.

So your COMT activity might be to blame for your mood issues (like anxiety, depression), your cognitive function (brain fog, lack of mental clarity), and even your risk of developing many different types of cancer.

Download this report today to determine your COMT levels and implement personalized recommendations that will help with your mood, cognitive function, heart health, sleep, cancer risk, and so much more.

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