DNA Wellness Report: Cognitive Function

DNA Wellness Report

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Identify which genes might be holding back your cognitive potential. Whether you’re suffering from brain fog or other cognitive issues, or if you just want to give your brainpower a boost, this report identifies the key factors that you can target with dietary and lifestyle adjustments to gain even more of a cognitive edge.

This report analyzes 45 unique intelligence-related genes, and describes how they are involved with your brain’s:

  • Neurogenesis & synaptic plasticity
  • Myelination abilities
  • Predisposition to oxidative stress and inflammation
  • General intelligence (IQ)
  • Learning & memory capabilities
  • Processing speed
  • Cognitive flexibility

While similar products from other companies typically analyze only a handful of individual SNPs, the Cognitive Function DNA Wellness Report analyzes SNPs in dozens of different genes that can significantly influence your cognitive functioning. Then, it provides you with actionable, personalized health and lifestyle recommendations to help you get the most out your cognitive potential!

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