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This ApoE report is the most comprehensive ApoE report on the market. It provides:

  • A comprehensive review of the latest research on the functions and biochemistry of the ApoE gene
  • An interpretation of your ApoE genotype with health risks and benefits
  • Detailed diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on SelfHacked’s Proprietary Biochemical Analysis and clinical experience with over 1,000 clients
  • A Modified Diet Guide to Reduce Risks of Alzheimer’s for each epsilon genotype

Reduced ApoE function can raise your cholesterol and make your brain more susceptible to damage. The ApoE-ε4 genotype results in significantly lower function and levels of the ApoE protein.

The PPAR-γ protein is responsible for controlling the production of the ApoE proteins and several activators of PPAR-γ have been proposed as preventive or therapeutic measures for Alzheimer’s.

Health Risks Associated with the ApoE-ε2 Allele
Contrary to popular belief, the ApoE-ε2 allele actually decreases the function of ApoE. Although this variant of ApoE-ε2 is neuroprotective, it does confer health risks of its own.

For this genotype, it becomes even more important to regularly monitor blood work and live an ApoE-ε2-compatible lifestyle.

SelfDecode is a personalized health report service, which enables users to obtain detailed information and reports based on their genome. SelfDecode does not treat, diagnose or cure any conditions, but is for informational and educational purposes alone.

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