Our marketing team comprises talented professionals with years of industry experience, knowledge, and skills in advertising, branding, and copywriting. Add your talents to our all-star roster today.

Open Positions

Media Buyer - Paid Ads Manager

We are seeking a digital marketing professional with experience in media buying and advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms. The ideal candidate will have experience planning, strategizing and implementation, doing ad creation, negotiation, and post-publication analysis. The position is:

  • Full time - we expect people to put in 40 hrs a week or more
  • Fully Remote.

Salary: 50k-120k USD/yr depending on skills, experience, and fit for the role and the company. 

  • Equity is also available for outstanding applicants and those with leadership abilities.

Job Requirements 

  • At least 1-2 years of experience as a media buyer and/or as a digital, direct response marketing professional.
  • Previous high volume spending on digital platforms (over 500k dollars).
  • References and case study examples which support the experience listed above and showcase an ability to manage advertising funds and create positive ROIs in a digital marketing context.

A supreme Media Buyer 

  • Has an extensive knowledge of advertisement purchasing platforms.
  • Is comfortable managing multiple media campaigns simultaneously which target different demographics, utilize separate strategies, and operate independently.
  • Is a creative strategizer and has a nuanced understanding of how brand presence translates to advertising platforms. They also aren’t afraid to entertain unique and non-standard approaches in order to engage consumers.
  • Is relentlessly analytical and unforgiving in their assessment of a campaign's performance. They have the ability to identify areas of weakness based on statistical feedback and make necessary adjustments.
  • Is a gifted negotiator and communicator.
  • Is open to new ideas, is a logical thinker, and is flexible enough to move between working autonomously and collaboratively.

What the day-to-day looks like:

  • Working with other members of the marketing team to brainstorm campaign ideas, create plans to implement those ideas, and identify the most effective strategies.
  • Constructing media plans which overview the entire process of a campaign start to finish including budgeting, design, implementation, and post-production analysis.
  • Creating and designing ads that will drive potential client engagement and create positive ROIs.
  • Communicating with media representatives to coordinate times, days, lengths, sizes, and placements of advertising materials that create the most profitable company outcomes.
  • Analyzing ongoing campaigns and large volumes of data to assess what aspects were most effective, which were detrimental, and using programmatic approaches to reintegrate the most useful aspects into future campaigns.
  • Overseeing the entirety of SelfDecode’s brand presence on social media platforms.
  • Collaborating with a team of like minded colleagues in a positive work environment where you will be given the freedom to use the skills you have to do what you love.

Bonus points

  • Experiencing doing remote work, especially in advertising or with marketing teams.
  • Working knowledge of conversion rate optimization.
  • A background in health and wellness.
  • Proven examples of managing high volume media buys.

Marketing Specialist / Analyst

We are looking for an experienced and ambitious Marketing Specialist / Analyst. The ideal candidate has a superior understanding of marketing data and how to utilize such information to increase ROI. Pay will be in accordance with abilities and experience. 

    • Full Time
    • No agencies
    • Fully Remote
    • Must enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. This is not a 9-5 job. Must be independent and take initiative. We expect you to hustle & be proactive.
  • Must have 2-3 years of professional marketing experience and significant copywriting skills.

Required Duties:

  • Creating marketing emails
  • Marketing copy for paid ads
  • Writing blog content for SEO
  • Creating specialized landing pages
  • A/B testing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Work on email automations
  • Social media marketing

Required Skills:

  • Native English speaker - no ESL.
  • Copywriting experience in the health industry.
  • Strong grasp of best digital marketing practices, tools, and techniques.
  • Significant experience with e-mail marketing and copywriting. Detailed understanding of consumer demographics.
  • Ability to learn and master new skills and software, including those with complex interfaces
  • Innovative and creative, with a logical and methodical approach to problem solving
  • Experience with identifying profitable niche and target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform, and motivate
  • Meticulous attention to detail, with strong analytical skills, data-driven thinking and an overall passion for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices
  • Experience with A/B testing process and multivariate experiments
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills


  • Proficient in: Landing page software such as LeadPages, Unbounce, SEMRush, and/or Email software such as Active Campaign

VP of Marketing / Marketing Manager

We are looking for a seasoned & well-rounded digital marketing professional to head the marketing team as the Marketing Director at SelfDecode. The ideal candidate has proven experience with executing successful digital marketing strategies and business development. 

The role is:

  • Full time - we expect people to put in 40 hrs a week or more
  • Fully Remote.
  • For one individual. No agencies.
  • Competitive salary; Will be in accordance with skill, abilities, and experience, and can vary widely.
  • A potential opportunity for company equity for outstanding applicants.



  • Develop, implement, and oversee a long-term, comprehensive marketing plan to increase brand awareness, reach, and sales.
  • Setting short and long term goals for marketing teams that drive the success of the overall marketing strategy.
  • Set and review the marketing budget for each quarter, making adjustments based on analytics and feedback.
  • Build relationships with media, clientele, and potential investors through creative PR strategies and campaigns.
  • Work in tandem with the CEO to develop a vision for company growth.
  • Communicate consistently with individual members of marketing teams to ensure the smooth operation of all projects.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for growth and reprioritize resources and strategies accordingly.


Skills & Experience: 

  • Minimum 3-5 years of successful experience in a marketing leadership role. Proven, data driven success in such roles.
  • Superior internal and external communication skills. Ability to delegate, effectively project manage, and interface with teammebers.
  • Demonstrable skills in paid advertising, copywriting, email marketing, automations, and analytics.
  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Facebook remarketing, SEMrush, Ahrefs.
  • Logical and methodical approach to problem solving.
  • Proven experience designing and implementing large scale marketing campaigns with an ability to adapt based on analysis.


  • BSc degree in Marketing, Communications or other relevant field
  • MBA
  • Previous remote work experience, experience working in a startup, or in a D2C, SAAS business model
  • Background in the health and wellness

Marketing Copywriter

We are looking for a creative and highly-skilled copywriter, preferably with a background in health & sciences, to join the marketing team at SelfDecode. You will be primarily responsible for developing and producing content for our email list, ads, and social media.

Most importantly, we need super interesting email content in health sciences, more specifically genetics and labs, that is also able to convert people into purchasing. We want to provide value to our clients but also get them to buy

In other words, your copy needs to be informative and highly persuasive in getting conversions.

Being good at this position requires coming up with an interesting and valuable email, and connecting themes to the products that we launch.

Required Duties

  • Brainstorm content ideas that work with our other marketing goals
  • Plan and produce written content for emails and other mediums
  • Help manage SelfDecode’s social media accounts
  • Write clear and persuasive copy that helps develop the brand’s voice
  • Create content that contributes to a cohesive brand image

Skills & Experience

  • Ability to write engaging copy
  • 2+ years of professional experience as a copywriter
  • Proven history of copywriting conversion
  • Experience creating high-quality content for a brand in the health and science arena
  • Strong writing and communication skills


  • Experience in the health/wellness niche
  • You enjoy taking pictures/creating video content

Test Tasks

Paid test tasks will be given to promising candidates with a significant portfolio and/or a lot of job experience in the industry.

Otherwise, the test tasks will be unpaid.

SelfDecode is a personalized health report service, which enables users to obtain detailed information and reports based on their genome. SelfDecode does not treat, diagnose or cure any conditions, but is for informational and educational purposes alone.